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I am an interdisciplinary video and dance artist who layers performance with visual art, remixed sound scores, spoken text, video, projection, site- specific performance and film. I enjoy cross collaborating with various artists and disciplines for it is through these collaborations I discover new worlds of movement and unique voices of art that cannot exist alone. I create as a choreographer, collaborator, and cinematographer, performances or environments that allow and encourage the viewer to become an active participant. These performances create relationships with the viewers and de-centralize myself as the performer, offering a deeper more connected experience that allows the viewer to take ownership in. I believe that viewing art is an active experience and in creating this experience my performances hinge on the belief that without the viewer the performance could not take place. The viewer and the performer have shared interchangeable roles that allow them to work together to create a performance that will be different every time with every new viewer. I explore themes of intimacy, grief, and loss and turn them around to find perserverance, struggle, hope, and joy. I create intimate experiences in collaboration through performance through the use of time, site –specific space, non- proscenium performance locations and technology. I enjoy taking the time to connect with the viewers of the given performance. I begin this process by starting the performance weeks before the given date initiating contact through the web and postal service creating an initial connection that is built upon in performance. Ulitmately it is the simple everyday moments of life that inspire me to share my heart with you.


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